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What are the benefits of CapZ?

CapZ enables customers to monitor their telecommunications spend. Our bill capped customers can’t be billed over their set cap and our auto barring facility means that customers can control out-of-bundle charges, taking away the worry of incurring additional costs.

Uniquely CapZ, offers auto-barring and control even for those who are not on individual plans such a business sharer tariffs, not eligible for Bill Cap Limits.


You will be able to:

  • View CLI’s alerting status and apply a Bill Cap so you can apply a bar against £s spent in a month
  • Use Email or SMS Alerting to notify the partner and/or end users
  • Use the auto barring facility to apply an auto bar on your customers’ monthly tariff to control spend on out-of-bundle charges
    • Monitor data usage on 4 different measures based on 4 different trigger points:
    • % bundle eligible minutes
    • % bundle eligible SMS
    • % bundle eligible data
    • £ financial value

Bill Capped customers can’t be billed above the Set Cap.

There are three different level of notifications: Global, Customer or CLI.

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