In The Zone
Superior Experience


is a brand new way for you to become your very own MVNO without all the high initial set up CAPEX costs, development costs plus portal and billing development.

Why? Because we have done all the work for you.

We have eliminated all the major costs, skills and time you need to set yourself up as a MVNO. Whatever the size of your business abZ represents the risk free new approach to becoming a MVNO.

So you can brand the whole mobile service as your own.

Have complete autonomy on your own pricing and package design
Plus a business grade of control of customer usage and data that even the major mobile operators can’t compete with.

All powered by the UK’s largest mobile network infrastructure.


enables a level of control previously not experienced in business mobile services.

Our portal gives you all the control of being a complete mobile operator, changing customer tariffs, shared and flex packages and flexibility to alter anything in seconds, not hours or days!

What do we mean by real control?

  • Your choice to utilise abZ business mobile or your own MVNO branded service.
  • ‘Near Real-Time’ Customer Information including CDRs
  • Flexibility between mobile networks
  • Leading CapZ, Bars and customer alerts in ‘Near Real-Time’, both domestically and when roaming
    • eliminating bill surprises for your business customers
  • Most accurate and on time billing
  • MVNO, Wholesale, Reseller and Bureau bill options

Superior Experience

is driving a new level to business mobile by:

  • One Portal for all your mobile needs from order, provision, manage and bill
  • Industry leading on-time accurate to the minute billing
  • Provisioning and tariff changes in minutes not days
  • Bespoke and tailored business tariffs
  • One bill across abZ, your MVNO and also Vodafone and O2
    • Plus the option for hosted voice and data connectivity
  • Greatest mobile availability with EE, the UK’s largest mobile network infrastructure behind you
  • Automated provisioning, alerts, CapZ and bars


Eliminate the MVNO investment risk whilst experiencing high customer satisfaction and retention and profitability by:

  • Industry lowest MVNO start-up costs
    • A small investment cost or even amortized over 24 months
  • Eradicate back office and billing development costs
  • High margin profitable business focused mobile packages
  • Pricing autonomy
  • Experience revenue from day 1
  • Customer retention
    • Eliminating any bill surprises
    • Most superior and fastest business grade service
  • Reduce OPEX through our One Portal approach for everything, available 24/7 from any device
  • NO penalties from moving network providers in or even out of contract
  • Tariff flexibility from short-term to 2 year business customer contracts
  • MVNO, abZ Reseller or Bureau billing options